About Us


“We Will Become The Benchmark Leaders Of The Distribution And Retail Industry In Egypt Within The Coming Five Years By Focusing On Geographical Customer Reach, A Comprehensive Product Mix, Service Quality And Business Innovation And Celebrating Remarkable Results. We Will Achieve That by Positioning Ourselves as the Most Trusted Advisors to Our Customers” 


“We Continuously Strive To Serve And Maintain A Model Distribution And Retail Operation Leading To A Sustainable Customer Intimacy Through An Exceptional Service Quality, Providing Trusted Advise And Managing A Challenging Work Environment For Our Employees; Thus Guaranteeing  Significant Profitability For Our Partners And Shareholders ”


“We Believe Will Live Up To Our Mission and Vision through Living:
-Customer Intimacy
-Trusted Advice
-Business Innovation and Agility
-Respect to Our Employees and Partners
as Our Core Brand Values”

Core Competence

•Building Long Term Friendly Relationships With Our Customers Who See Us As Their Trusted Advisors
•Deep Market Experience And Understanding
•Unleashing Our Employees Potential Through And Exceptional Empowerment Environment
•Integrity In The Market “Our Word Is Our Bond”
•Service And Follow Up On Our Business Cherishing And Taking Care Of Our Partners
•Excellent Business Reputation
•An Extremely Innovative And Agile Leadership Team

Success Milestones

•1978 - 1979: We Were The First Household Customization Advisors In Egypt Thought Kitchen Cabinets
•1980: We Were The First To Introduce Selling On Installments
•1980: We Pioneered The Distribution For Gee In Egypt
•1981: We Pioneered The Air-Conditioning Business
•1991 – 1992: We Were The First To Introduce A Vast Variety Of Home Entertainment Services Through Hi-Fi, Cd And Handy Cam
•1993: We Pioneered Distribution And Delivery Of Pay TV To The Egyptian Market
•1997: We Started Providing Handsets
•1998: We Started Distributing Mobinil Lines
•1999: We Started The Major Distribution Operation Of Pre-Paid Scratch Cards In Egypt For Mobinil
•2001: We Pioneered The Distribution Of Siemens Handsets





Address Rizkalla

الميرغنى 22904280 - 24180199 01222222883 102ب شارع الميرغنى
النحاس 22718157 01272091071 70شارع مصطفى النحاس - بجوار بنزينة غازتك
رامو 22608377 - 22614420 01272871816 47شارع أحمد تيسير - سنتر رامو
جسر السويس 24554123 - 24554119 01288661222 5عمارات الميرلاند - جسر السويس
شبرا 24587227 - 24586964 01222407335 53شارع روض الفرج
المقطم 28469072 01203589051 66شارع 9 - امام بنزينة شيل
فيصل 37444300 01286327770 151شارع الملك فيصل بجوار بنزينة توتال
الدقى 33382340 01286226441 72شارع مصدق
الهرم 33845566 - 33845599   103شارع الهرم - برج الرياض - أمام مستشفى الهرم
التجمع 28120555 - 28120556 01286769608 124 بالقطاع الاول بمركز مدينة القاهرة الجديدة بالتجمع الخامس بالمول التجارى فرست مول 
جامعة الدول 33478960 - 33478970    21بسور نادى الزمالك بشارع جامعة الدول العربية
Branch Phone Mobile Address smartR
الحجاز 33478980   72بسور نادى الزمالك بشارع الحجاز 
النحاس 22718157   70شارع مصطفى النحاس - بجوار بنزينة غازتك
سليم الأول 22411808   66شارع سليم الأول, الزيتون


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