Ariston Built-In Gas Hob, 4 Burners, Stainless Steel, 60 cm - PC640X

Cash EGP4,999.00

Key Features

Size 60 cm    4 gas burners    Self primer    Four keys for elegant operation and use    Flame retardant to ensure complete safety    Stainless Steel

Total installment cost 4999 EGP

Installment Period

5 months 12 months 24 months
EGP per month
Deposit EGP 2500
Cash EGP4,999.00

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Stainless Steel Features of Ariston Belt - N
  Heat booster
  Using the heat booster function, you can reach the maximum temperature in just 4 minutes, allowing you to cook more quickly while maintaining the same quality and taste of food.
  Double burner
  Contains two torches inside an oval shape that can be rotated according to the size and length of the vessels and is ideal for large or small vessels where the two burners can be operated together or separately
  Oval halogen eye
  Dual oval halogen eye with high heating capacity and optimal heat distribution Dual eye can be used together or separately
  Safety and gas control
  All Ariston surfaces have integrated control system burners in addition to an integrated safety system prevents gas leakage and separates the gas in case a problem occurs
  Easy cleaning
  The Ariston surfaces are perfectly smooth and cool, making them easy to clean. All you need is a piece of cloth to remove any residue



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